Years of Living Dangerously

Years of Living Dangerously documents climate change’s impact in our world. The filmmaking is remarkable. The narrative weaves together stories from around the world: the stories of mill workers in Texas, rebels in Syria, palm-oil industrialists in Indonesia, and firefighters in California, among others.

Even in watching the first few episodes, I’ve been surprised by the far-reaching effects of climate change in the world. I knew about the immediate causes and first-order effects of rising temperatures, rising sea levels, droughts, and floods. But the secondary causes and effects are astonishing because they are so poorly understood in our collective consciousness.

Severe droughts caused by climate-change are a significant cause of the Syrian revolution and the rise of ISIS. The rising temperatures result in wildfires that burn longer and hotter than ever before. Our consumer economy demands palm-oil based foods and products that lead to massive deforestation in Indonesia, causing more climate-pollution than the country’s cars and power-plants combined [Mother Jones].

global_emissions_sector_2015The EPA has accurate and succinct information on climate-change if you’re looking to start understanding this topic more deeply.

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